Tours and AttractionsParks are walking attractions in the Capital A must-see for visitors to Porto Alegre is a city tour on the Tourism Line (Linha Turismo), where they can discover some of the city’s main parks that are on the rou... Read more...
Attractions Discover Porto Alegre in 48 hours Porto Alegre is the capital of Brazil`s southernmost state and the geographic center of the Mercosur. ... Read more...
Art and CultureThe Santiago Ballet comes to Porto Alegre On July 29 at 9pm, Porto Alegre will host a production by the Santiago Ballet.... Read more...
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Tours and Attractions
CultureIberê Camargo Foundation An avant-garde works that transformed the city... Read more..
ParksFarroupilha Park (Redenção) The more traditional point of leisure and conviviality of Porto Alegre.... Read more..
Rural TourismCaminhos Rurais de Porto Alegre rural tour Typically rural landscapes and spaces in a large metropolis.... Read more..
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