There is much to be seen and done in Porto Alegre, a global and comprehensive metropolitan city that has not put life quality to the side. Some are mandatory for those who wish to know more about the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, such as the historic Mercado Público Central, a very busy venue for shopping and gastronomy; and the 72 km long shore of Guaíba Lake, famous for its sunset and diverse nightlife menu that caters to all tastes, from the most simple to the most sophisticated. Porto Alegre is one of the Brazilian cities with the largest number of trees and the second capital city that preserves a wide rural area – a must for those that are lovers of rural tourism or like to enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the list of “must dos” in Porto Alegre. Select the destination by segment using the search engine on the right.
» Arena do Grêmio Stadium - Tour
The Arena do Grêmio Tour is a tour lasting approximately 70 minutes and aims to get visitors to know the main dependencies of the largest Multi-Purpose Arena in Latin America. Our visit begins in the hall of gate A (level 1), where the panel "We will be where the Grêmio is" illustrates the three houses of the tricolor during its history. After that we drove to the cabins of the press (level 6), and we are going from level to level going through stateroom vip (level 3), Gold chairs (level 2), auditorium (level -1), dressing room, mixed zone, lawn and reserve banks (level -2). All tours are accompanied by a guide, who will bringing visitors information and stories about the club and the Arena. The displacement up to the sixth level is performed by elevator, and after the group goes down stairs down to the lawn. In case that some visitors have difficulties in locomotion, this monitoring of descent can be done by lifts. At the end of the tour, we possibility of an exclusive photo with the Copa Libertadores of America and the Club World Cup and our Arena in the background, MFCOM photographers.

Tour Hours:

Monday and Tuesday: 11h | 14h | 16h

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10h | 11:30 | 13h | 14h30 | 16h

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10h | 11h | 12h | 13h | 14h | 15h | 16h | 17h
Padre Leopoldo Brentano Street, 110 – Humaitá - Gate 'A'
(+55 51) 3181.0278

» Brique da Redenção

Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

When you visit Porto Alegre, stay until Sunday and don’t miss visiting Brique da Redenção, a traditional and busy attraction of the capital city. It is much more than a flea market that reminds us of the San Telmo Flea Market of Buenos Aires; Brique is a grand outdoors cultural market since 1978, when it was actually called the Flea Market, and thanks to it, Redenção Park abounds with visitors every Sunday.

Brique da Redenção
 offers a unique venue where people can become one with diversity. Families and their children, couples, ‘motley crews’, political militants all mingle about and around sharing theirchimarrão. They are the captive audience ofcapoeira players, musicians and performers that use the market as the stage to show skits of plays that are on in the city’s theaters. Gastronomy is another major attraction - the mouthwatering cuisine of Bahia, Arabian delicacies and tasty health food are all there at Brique.

The 300 stalls are open from 
9 am to 5 pm along tree-lined Avenida José Bonifácio that is right next to the Park. Crafts and arts sold at the market are very good quality, made from different materials, such as leather, silver, cotton, wood, resin, iron, plaster, glass and porcelain. Artists sell their paintings, caricatures, wood engravings and sculptures. In the antiques’ sector visitors can find every type of rare and collectible artifact: jewelry, furniture, home utensils, books, magazines and vinyl records. You can pay by credit card, which has now has become a routine procedure at Brique.

Av. José Bonifácio - next to Farroupilha Park

» Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana
Tuesday to Friday, from 9AM to 9PM. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, from 12PM to 9PM.

It is housed in the old and elegant 
Hotel Majestic that was restored in 1990 and listed as a heritage site in 1982- It was justly named after Mário Quintana, one of the most important Brazilian poets, who lived at the hotel for over 15 years.

The cultural center is one of the most complete in Latin America; there are two theatres that can sit 300 people and 
five different venues for the performing arts, ranging from 20 to 150 seats.

The Cultural Center has two entrances : at Rua da
Praia and Rua 7 de Setembro, connected to the first floor via a cobblestoned aisle always bustling with patrons of the cozy Café dos Cataventos, a name inspired by Quintana’s first book of poems – the Rua dos Cataventos. The café is open every day, including holidays from 11.30 am to 9 pm, and until 11 pm on Thursday and Friday.
Rua dos Andradas, 736 - Historic District
(+ 55 51) 3221.7147

» Catedral Metropolitana

Daily, from 7:30am to 7pm.

The history of the Foundation of the Paróquia Nossa Senhora Madre de Deus is closely related to the origin of Porto Alegre. It first started around 1753, when a simple adobe chapel was built near Rua da Praia for the first Azorean couples that settled in Porto Alegre to have a place to worship.

When the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul was transferred from Viamão to Porto Alegre, it was necessary to build a new church befitting the new status of Porto Alegre. In 1793, the new single-nave church stood on top of the hill overlooking the white houses of the village of Porto Alegre – it was yet to have towers. The construction of the Metropolitan Church as we know it started in 1921 and was only concluded in 1986.

The construction followed the plan by Italian architect João Batista Giovenale of the San Luca Fine Arts Academy of Roma. It was inspired in the Italian Renaissance, but the towers that were inaugurated in 1971 bring to memory those of the time of the Jesuit Missions in Rio Grande do Sul. The 75 meter high and 18 meter wide dome is one of the largest in the world. The three mosaic panels on the façade were commissioned to the Vatican artists.

Rua Duque de Caxias, 1047 - Historic district
(+ 55 51) 3228.6001

» Farroupilha Park (Redenção Park)

The park is popularly called Redenção Park, after the name given to the area in 1884 in homage to the liberation of the slaves and because Porto Alegre was the first Brazilian city to abolish slavery. The name Farroupilha was given in 1935, now to pay homage to the hundred years of the Farroupilha Revolution, the important War of the Farrapos, where the people of Rio Grande do Sul fought for their independence against the Portuguese Empire.

However, for the native people of Porto Alegre, it is still the Redenção Park, closely related to the city’s day-by-day. It is not only the city’s green lungs in the busy Bom Fim district, near the city center - Redenção is a historical, natural, scenic and cultural heritage of the capital city and represents the soul of Porto Alegre.

It is the most traditional venue for leisure and getting together of the people that live in Porto Alegre and one of the favorite spots where outdoors cultural manifestations are held. On weekends, over 70 thousand people mill around its 37 hectares populated by monuments, peaceful retreats and theme gardens, a great lake, mini-zoo, amusement park for children, football fields and bocha alleys, and an athletism track. Redenção is also the home of the picturesque Bom Fim Market that in its turn houses craft shops, health food shops, bars, restaurants and flowershops.

Av. João Pessoa, s/nº - Farroupilha
(+ 55 51) 3286.4458

» Guaíba Coastline

Guaíba Lake is the most significant geographical feature of Porto Alegre and represents the city’s scenic identity. The riverside coastline is 72 Km long and is one of the city’s favorite and busiest outdoors spots.

A good number of boats take tourists along the Guaíba and the Jacuí Delta Canal, which includes 16 islands, canals, swamps and marshes that are formed when rivers Gravataí, Sinos, Caí and Jacuí meet. The water that flows from the Delta forms Guaíba Lake, continues until it reaches Laguna dos Patos and then proceeds to the Atlantic Ocean. Boat tours are a “must” in the capital city because of the beautiful landscape it unveils, where the large yellow warehouses at Cais Mauá (pier) remind us of the city’s origin as a port.

Another excellent way to enjoy the city’s iconic scenery is to visit the Ipanema beach in the South Zone, walking along the sidewalk that contours the lake or taking a break in one of the many bars and restaurants that populate the coastline. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Guaíba, much praised by the locals as one of the most beautiful in the world.

» Iberê Camargo Foundation

Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 6pm.

Porto Alegre is a capital city where the differences are complementing. At the same time that it preserves its historical and cultural assets, it is the first city in the continent that displays the avant-guard work of Álvaro Siza. The bold concepts of the much-awarded Portuguese architect are displayed in the building of Museu da Fundação Iberê Camargo, which made of Porto Alegre the launching pad of modern and contemporary art.

The 8 thousand square meter grand white concrete building is well-balanced with Guaíba Lake, and is an attraction in itself. Siza’s plan was awarded the Gold Lion by the Architecture Biennial of Venice and is also an architectural reference because it includes environmental concepts. It is located in the South Zone, surrounded by native forest and overlooking the lake.

The cornerstone was set in 2008 with the purpose of preserving and disseminating the work of this important twentieth century Brazilian painter. The collection has over four thousand works by Iberê Camargo, including paintings, engravings, drawings, gouaches and many studies. Contemporary art is displayed in temporary exhibitions, workshops, courses, seminar and meetings that bring together artists and where different study groups meet every year. No entrance fee.

Av. Padre Cacique, 2000 - Praia de Belas
(+ 55 51) 3247.8000

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